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We are
Young, Bold and Agile

Who we are

We are Creative Innovations for New Solutions "CINNSOL" for short. We are a creative and innovative information technology solution provider that believes in turning information technology solutions into business values and successes. We provide both organizations and individuals with different technological solutions to help enhance and propel the business.

We are one of those who believe that our Industry is not the one that respects tradition, but only respects innovation. We believe that anyone can know but few will understand. Knowledge to us is essential but being professional about what we do is our utmost priority. We have expanded our expertise, no wonder we have been able to deliver professional jobs within limited time.

Our Expertise Includes

Stay Ahead, Stay Productive and use the CINNSOL Advantage

With us you can stay ahead of the pack in todays competitive industry and use our experience to your advantage. Let us work with you in turning your business around with our technical expertise, understanding of various industries.

At CINNSOL, we relish technological challenges, and we like to tackle them together. We are a young group of creative and innovative minds working together to change your return on investment. We are still innovators, inventors, developers and managers who, as a multifaceted group of friends, are looking for new challenges. We are driven by the shared ambition to make more possible, together.

We love to innovate, research and work with cutting-edge technologies across multiple and disparate platforms. We quickly respond to the customer's new circumstances and requirements. That is why an Agile, flexible way of working is important to us, and our customers now know that too.

How we approach problems

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